For both commercial and residential premises, we offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services, including installation as well as simple upkeep and repairs. We are available 24/7 because we are aware that even a minor leak might result in serious issues.

If you experience a plumbing emergency within Nairobi, such as a water leak or clogged pipes, we can help. Our prompt response reduces damage and controls your costs.

Outside of an emergency, our extensive services include bathroom remodelling, water heater installations, and glass shower cubicle installation services.

We provide excellent plumbing services within Nairobi that go above and beyond what our customers anticipate in terms of customer service, quality, and pricing. Our goal is to become known as the most dependable and significant leader in the community for providing high-quality plumbing services that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Experienced Plumbers


Look no further than Advertize Plumbers Nairobi Plumbers! Our team of experts can provide you with the support you need to get the most out of your business. Contact us today to learn more.

Plumbing Services Client Comes First

Advertize Plumbers Nairobi Plumbers’ actual essence is built on a concern and passion for the client. This is seen through the business’ dedication to providing high-quality services.

State of the art plumbing services tools and  equipment

We will assist you in finding the appropriate high-tech plumbing equipment whether you want to modify your current plumbing system or start from scratch.

Plumbing Services Kenya

At Advertize Plumbers Nairobi Plumbers Nairobi, we are commited to offering the optimal plumbing services to our customers.

We achieve this through upfront, honest pricing, and communication. This helps you know how much the work will cost before we start any plumbing work so you can control it well.

Why choose Advertize Plumbers Nairobi?

Upfront pricing

Our plumbers provide courteous, friendly, and cost-effective residential and commercial plumbing services

Our Products

  1. Tankless water heater shower for salty water.
  2. Are you bored searching for a quality electric hot shower at a reasonable price?

At Advertize Plumbers Nairobi Plumbers Nairobi, we have electric instant showers with amazing features making them suitable for any bathroom. Alpha and Midea instant showers have the following common features.

  • Option of built-in pump which boosts water pressure
  • Option of Rain and Telephone showers
  • Copper shielded heating coil making them suitable for use in salty water
  • Inbuilt ELCB thus safe to use

Comprehensive Domestic and Residential Plumbing Services: Ensuring a Seamless Flow

Plumbing issues within a home can be disruptive, causing inconvenience and stress. This is where reliable domestic and residential plumbing services play a crucial role. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, these services are essential for maintaining a functional and safe household environment.

Understanding Domestic Plumbing Services

  1. Installation and Repairs: Professional plumbers offer installation services for various fixtures including sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and water heaters. They also handle repairs efficiently, addressing leaks, clogs, and broken fixtures promptly.

  2. Maintenance Checks: Regular maintenance is key to preventing major plumbing issues. Service providers conduct inspections, identify potential problems, and provide preventive solutions, ensuring the longevity of plumbing systems.

  3. Emergency Plumbing: Quick response during emergencies is vital. Plumbing services provide round-the-clock support for burst pipes, severe leaks, or other critical issues that require immediate attention.

Residential Plumbing Services for a Smooth-Running Home

  1. Pipe Services: Repairing, replacing, or installing pipes is a significant aspect of residential plumbing services. Professionals handle issues related to old or damaged pipes, ensuring a reliable water flow throughout the house.

  2. Water Quality Solutions: Plumbers offer solutions for improving water quality, including water softening systems, filtration, and treatment options, providing clean and safe water for household use.

  3. Fixture Upgrades: Upgrading fixtures to more efficient and water-saving models not only benefits the environment but also reduces utility bills. Plumbing services assist in choosing and installing these eco-friendly fixtures.

The Importance of Professional Plumbing Services

  1. Expertise and Experience: Trained plumbers possess the expertise and experience to diagnose issues accurately and provide effective solutions, ensuring quality workmanship.

  2. Compliance and Safety: Professionals adhere to safety standards and local regulations, ensuring that all installations and repairs meet legal requirements and safety protocols.

  3. Long-Term Cost Savings: Timely maintenance and high-quality repairs prevent future costly issues, saving homeowners money in the long run.

  4. Peace of Mind: Engaging professional plumbing services offers peace of mind, knowing that the plumbing system is in capable hands, reducing stress related to unexpected plumbing problems.

In conclusion, domestic and residential plumbing services are indispensable for maintaining a smoothly functioning home. From routine maintenance to handling emergencies, these services provide the expertise, reliability, and peace of mind essential for a well-maintained and efficient plumbing system within any household.