Refrigerators are among the most complex home appliances that do not come with DIY repair manuals. That means knowing professional fridge repair companies near you is as essential as buying a quality fridge for your home.

While fridges come in various brands with different complexity, Nairobi has many fridge repair companies with general and brand-based experts.

The following is a comprehensive list of Nairobi’s top ten fridge repair companies with excellent reputations for quality services. Check them out:

1. Bestcare Appliance – Fridge Repair

Bestcare Appliances Repair Kenya is a professional and highly experienced commercial and domestic appliances repair services company serving Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa. They specialize in washing machines, fridges, freezer gas refilling, dishwashers, and oven and cooker repair services.

The advantage of hiring Bestcare appliance repair services is that they have top-quality technicians committed to ensuring client appliances function efficiently. They also check the performance of your repaired appliances to ensure they function as expected.

Location: Mpaka Plaza

Working hours: 24 hours


Contacts: 0722 466 091

Google rating: 4.9 stars, (91 reviews)

2. Imperial Appliances Repair

Imperial appliance repair is one of the established machine repair companies in Nairobi. Founded as a washing machine repair company, Imperial appliance repair has expanded to offer a fridge, dishwasher, dryer, computer, and more electronic repair services. They have acquired top-quality technicians and specialists to ensure clients receive timely repairs for their homes and commercial appliances.

One of the many benefits of choosing Imperial appliance repairs is that they diagnose your machine before repairing it to determine if it is worth the repair. This prevents time and money wastage repairing machines that are beyond repair.

Location: Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0770 029 959

Google rating: 5 stars, (12 reviews)

3. Electrical Appliances Repair Services in Nairobi

This electronic repair establishment deals with home appliance repairs, including refrigerators, dishwashing machines, freezers, etc. They have a mixed team of professional technicians who can handle all types of fridge brands, including LG, Samsung, Von, Hotpoint, and Ramtoms, among others brands. They also repair other electronics such as steam iron, ice makers, electric ovens, etc.

The company serves many neighborhoods, including Lavington, Riverside, Karen, Runda, Muthaiga, Kilimani, Kilelesha, and Ridgeways. Their services are also available in Parklands, Kitisuru, Loresho, Spring Valley, Lower Kabete, Gigiri, whispers, and Nyari estate, among other Nairobi neighborhoods.


Several common refrigerator problems can often be resolved by either DIY fixes or with the help of a professional appliance repair technician. Here are some prevalent issues that can occur with refrigerators:

  1. Refrigerator not cooling adequately: This could be due to various reasons such as a faulty compressor, damaged door seals, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a buildup of debris on the condenser coils. Sometimes, it might also be caused by a blocked airflow within the refrigerator.
  2. Excessive noise: Unusual noises like rattling, buzzing, or clicking can be indicative of different issues such as a malfunctioning condenser fan, a faulty evaporator fan motor, or a problem with the compressor. Loose components within the refrigerator can also cause such noises.
  3. Water leakage: Leakage inside or outside the refrigerator might occur due to a clogged or frozen defrost drain, damaged water supply lines, or improper sealing of the door gasket. Sometimes, excess condensation can also lead to water pooling in certain areas.
  4. Fridge freezing food: When the refrigerator compartment freezes food, it might be due to a defective temperature control thermostat, a faulty thermistor, or improper placement of food items blocking the air vents.
  5. Ice maker issues: Problems with the ice maker could stem from a defective water inlet valve, a malfunctioning ice maker assembly, or issues with the water supply line. Sometimes, simply resetting the ice maker or checking for ice blockages can solve the problem.
  6. Door seal problems: Damaged or worn-out door gaskets can result in improper sealing of the refrigerator door. This can lead to air leaks, causing the appliance to run inefficiently or even result in the accumulation of frost inside the fridge.
  7. Light not working: If the interior light of the refrigerator is not turning on, it could be due to a blown bulb, faulty light switch, or electrical issues within the refrigerator.

For minor issues like cleaning coils, replacing bulbs, or adjusting temperature settings, DIY fixes might suffice. However, for more complex problems involving electrical components, compressor issues, or refrigerant leaks, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a qualified appliance repair technician. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning coils, checking door seals, and keeping the refrigerator interior clean, can help prevent some of these common issues and extend the lifespan of the appliance.

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